Sapphire single crystal growing furnace <Zeta-1>


The Zeta-1 furnace is new generation of fully automatic sapphire growing system (except seeding). The Zeta-1 furnace has unique advanced design, different from conventional production model. Our well-designed hot zone and cooling system can provide not only well-controlled and highly stabilized growth environment for high quality sapphire boules, but also controlling energy efficiency. It realizes low consumption of electric power and cooling water. The Zeta-1 equip with remote operation and monitoring. Operator can be monitoring tool status in operation room. In case of needing operation, operator can control from operation room. This is the one of the step for auto-seeding process in future option. The Zeta-1 furnace was designed and developed in Japan. All the manufacturing process were proceeded in Japan with high precision quality control.

  • Model:Zeta-1 series
  • Crystal-growth method:Kyropoulos method
  • Boule size:38kg / 65kg / 85kg
  • Equipment layout size:2,200(w) 2,000(d) 2,800(h) mm
  • Installation area : 3,000 x 3,000 mm
  • Power consumption: Maximum 60kw(200〜400VAC)
  • Cooling water:0.2Mpa 50l/min
  • Compressed air:0.45Mpa

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