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Sapphire growing furnace


AXIS Corporation Limited is manufacturer of Kyropoulos method sapphire growing furnace in Japan. We studied traditional and conventional Kyropoulos method furnace carefully, developed advanced new generation furnace using Japanese high-technology.
We can provide the Zeta-1 furnace in low cost, due to reviewed all the parameter of the technology, Our team also provide one stop total solution for single sapphire production with Japanese quality, from the business planning, facility design/management, maintenance, servicing, training and to the technical transfer.


The crystal growing furnace model "Zeta-2" are launched.
AXIS Corporation Limited exhibited in Semicon Japan 2012.
The Zeta-1 was introduced in "Semiconductor Industry News"
Opened website
Jan. 1, 2012
The crystal growing furnace model "Zeta-1" are launched.